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1.(Verb) To speak with an overly noticable lisp as a result of physical deformation, usually in the lips

2.(Noun) One who speaks with a constant lisp due to his or her oversized lips
1. ex: "Sarah totally snorfed when she tried to read that sentence aloud"

2. ex: "The snorf is difficult to understand. Can someone please tell me what he was saying?"
by Samuel K October 14, 2007
38 24
1. an exclamatory word used when you think something is too adorable for words.
2. it can also be used when realizing a mistake
look at that puppy....snorf!
by B.Rad September 09, 2008
22 13
When you are drinking a drink (usually beer) and at the same time someone makes you laugh and your beer comes out your nose and you snorf everywhere.
Quit making me snorf!
by sirkular November 06, 2009
12 8
Verb. To snore.
My mom's snorfing has really been keeping me up lately

Yeah, my parents' room is right above me and I can hear them snorf through the floor.
by Mozes293 March 05, 2011
3 2
when giant squids take in prey.

Also appliquable to jellyfish.
Steve was snorfed by the giant squid.
by jawsvsclaws May 03, 2011
2 2
The offspring of a Smurf and a Snork. These amphibious blue creatures measure three apples high and play the trumpet.
"While hiking through the woods this morning, I stepped on a snorf."
by 1958Fury April 14, 2007
21 22
Snorf is a giraffe with a dirty minge. She sticks her neck out for people.
Snorf's favourite moto is " Say No To Dirty Minges"
Go clean your cheesy minge out you dirty snorf
by snorfie July 24, 2006
26 30