unintentionally shitting a person's face when only contemplating farting on said persons face.
did you hear about charles snoop dogging his brother? my homeboy charles was just like yo dog ima fart on this fools face...he totally totally shitted on that fools mouth.
by MCwheelchairjimmy January 29, 2012
Top Definition
When someone comes up to a group of people that are smoking and asked for some, they end up taking the majority of the smoke. based on the cameo appearance of snoop dogg in the film half baked in which he does some 'snoop dogging'.
Hey here comes Mike snoop dogging again. Don't make eye contact.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 27, 2005
The act of smokin' weed era' day!
The last time my eyes were red was when I was Snoop-Dogging. Lowest point of my life.
by Colin Pickford April 23, 2015
when you take a bro's girl out from under him on the down low.
dude, you were totally snoop dogging that chick out from under him at the party last night when you took her home.
by mr tinkster January 18, 2010
Pouring beer on another person's head.
"Snoop Dogging bitches. Dey all wet wit beer."
by Maggie W. October 06, 2007
A phrase used only when an individual is sipping on gin and juice.
I was snoop dogging all weekend at that festival.
by anthubc2010-snoop dogging October 14, 2010
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