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Short for nigga or nigger.
Used mostly for joking around with another.
shut up nigg, im trying to jackoff
by Heretickid April 02, 2006
A cuter version of the explicit word nigga
Yo niggs come here for a sec!
by G-moneybaggs April 04, 2004
short form for Nigga...
Something you call Yo close friends,or yo "Blood" or "homeboy" or "homie"

"Ay-Yo Nigg,You'z gon pass me dat Hydro or what,brah?"

"Here my nigg"
by Vymizzle May 04, 2007
To take, steal, borrow, mooch, or inquire about as if you were black
Yo, let me nigg a pair of shorts to work out in.

I was niggin him about his girlfriend and if they had sex yet.

That asshole nigged my drank.
by The Academy 2011 January 31, 2011
Used like dude. It is a safe alternitive to nigga that white boys can use. usualy said in a deep throaty manner.
I can't wait to see you later niggs!
by Kev Nice March 10, 2006
1: Expression of disappointment, surprise, or disbelief. Can also be used in place of "Ah shit!", "F**k", or "What the f**k!?"

2: Unit of measurement for darkness (ng).

can be conjugated as:
niggin(g), nigged, niggio, niggiste, niggio, niggimos, niggieron, niggation.
Example 1
A: "Dude, did you study for the chemistry quiz today?"
B: "What the niggs!? We had a quiz?!"

Example 2
Gregorio: "I got a f*cking F on my quiz! Ah niggs, my parents are gonna niggin' whup my ass."

Example 3
Scientist: the amount of darkness in your room is 10 Gngs (Ten giganiggs).
by Harvey Rosales November 13, 2009
A word of afection between siblings or close friends without using explicit vocabulary.
Yo niggs, whatcha want for dinner? Instead of:
Yo Sis, whatcha want for dinner?
by Jay - He is the one October 01, 2004
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