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4'9" umpalumpa on Jersey Shore best known for being punched in the face.
Snookie is so short she often requires a boost to get her heels on.
by Rick Stone December 14, 2009
Slang for a particular type of girl. Typically "snookies" are characterized by outrageous behaviors such as: constant drunken states, promising others sexual favors on your behalf over the loud speaker at a bar, degrading you in front of your peers, taking your virginity then never speaking to you again, pretending your not standing next to her as she makes fun of you, cares more about snakes than people, may or may not have a soul, loves heavy metal, hates puppies, is dead inside, etc.
Warning! While it is best to avoid any contact with a snookie, if you find yourself in the presence one, do NOT refer to her as "snookie", for "snookie" is a derogatory word and physical and/or psychological harm may result.
"That Melissa girl thinks the Holocaust is funny." -Jerrod
"What do you expect from a snookie?" - Jackie
"Snookies...pfff." - Jerrod
by TheMayor83 June 07, 2010
A worn out whore on a really fucktarded show called jersey shore.
The ultimate insult to a girl who is smart.
Girl: hey dicklick
Guy: Hey Snookie
Girl: (Crying) WTF? that was so not called for.
by It AINT A JOISEY THING October 20, 2010
Having your partner slip their pinky into your ass while giving you a blowjob
"I knew that skeezer i met at the bar was a slut, but i never thought we'd end up in the back alley with her giving me a Snookie"
by Pete Yank November 21, 2010
The smallest most hobbit like person on a team
Northwestern quarterback Dan Persa sure is a dirty little snookie.
by Donie who loved Bowling January 26, 2010
a person that is out of their mind and or completly acting a fool and doesnt know any better
Nathan that girl falling over drunk is so snookie!
by tall snookie February 04, 2011
A build up of material in a taint/gooch
Dude, I walked out of the shower this morning, and i saw like 5 snookies on the ground. uhh.
by Teh Sexy Beast February 08, 2010
The act of a man hitting a woman.
Dude, did you see that guy snookie his girlfriend!!!!
by flavorfulfavors January 31, 2010

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