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A "carpetbagger." Somebody who will go to any lengths to achieve public office, regardless of party afiliation or platform.
That snollygoster just might become our State Senator if he lies and cheats enough!
by Jason June 25, 2003
One, especially a politician who is guided by personal advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles.
The senator was a snollygoster of the highest order for the acceptance of unethical campaign contributions.
by Butte Buster August 11, 2009
a mythical creature that swoops down on chickens and small animals
That snollygoster swooped down and made off with our chickens!
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
A Sleezy politician
The campaign slogan read, "Vote for Gean," but the snollygoster deablo D., couldn't take the heat and made irattic remarks to suit his own election to the courts.

Gean: "Your acting like a Snoolygoster jjpea!"

JJ: "I only want a trophy! ID care who gets hurt. i'm all about the bush!"
by sueonthat October 18, 2009
A 19th century coinage, meaning a crooked and flamboyant politician. Later, in Maryland folklore, a monster half bird and half snake, that was used to frighten ex-slaves out of voting.
George W. Bush in only the latest in a long line of snollygosters who have occupied the White House.
by Old Baltimoron August 12, 2003
A mythical being within one, which takes the food you eat, leaving you still hungry. (In use in the 1920's to 1950s in Stratford Ontaria Canada)
"Eating again! Whats the matter with you, have you got a snollygoster?"
by Tim Koehler November 30, 2003
the sound the monopoly man makes when aroused
The monopoly man says "SNOLLYGOSTER!"
by jkldojsdnfojnmsjonmsfg January 01, 2008
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