A time honored tradition that occurs upon the years first sight of snow in which you may ask any female you encounter to show her breasts. It is widely thought to have originated during the early American colonial period somewhere within the New England colonies. The term was formed by combining the words "Snow" and "Tits".
Walking down the street I realized that it had begun to snow for the first time this year; I excitedly proclaimed, "SNITS !" to the first group of women that I could see, to which they promptly lifted their shirts showing me their breasts and then continued on their way.
by JohnBaines January 02, 2011
A vigorous sneeze that sadly becomes a shit
'did you just snit yourself' said Nichola to Mark
by nicg74 May 26, 2014

1. An annoying or troublesome person.

2. One who causes slight irritation to (another) by troublesome, often repeated acts.

3. One who harasses or disturbs you with repeated attacks.
Bob is such a snits. He continually harrases me over nothing.
by nick October 05, 2005
The ugly solid brown form of the famous snart. Where here you dont sneeze and fart...you sneeze and shit.
Better go poop before your allergies kick in today and u snit again on my couch!
by The fart sultan October 02, 2014
When you sneeze so hard you shit yourself.
Aaron just snit himself.
by Section8Frank August 28, 2014
An abbreviation of Snide Tits.
i.e. Tits that are rubbish.

E.g. Gwen Stefani
1:"Check her out man, she's quite hot"
2:" Aye but she's got a right pair of snits on her that spoils it!"
1:"Aye true enough"
by davyboyc October 12, 2010
sneeze and shit
I snit meself and have to change my panties
by Em and Es February 24, 2010

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