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when one farts and sneezes at the same time, regardless of which causes which
Patti just snarted!
by kas January 13, 2003
TO SNEEZE AND FART at the same time,

V. Snarting
OMG my allergys are acting up so bad I keep SNARTING.
by Jaxs July 26, 2004
When one sneezes and breaks wind at the same time. It is usually a result of the sudden abdominal muscle contractions associated with supporting the diaphragm for the sneeze, thus triggering the fart.
When she snarts, I don't know whether to say "God Bless You" or "Run like hell".
by Dr. Fritz Atomix September 08, 2009
When you sneeze and fart simultaneously.
Girl 1: What was that?
Girl 2: OOOPS!!! I snarted.
Girl 1: What's that?
Girl 2: I was sneezing and I accidentally farted.
Girl 1: Thats disgusting, but hilarious.
by Summer Day & D July 25, 2006
When you sneez and accidentally fart as a result.
"AAAAA-CHOOOO-Pvvvvvvvvt-OOOOOO" (example of a Snart)
by Kowdee December 03, 2008
(verb transitive)(as defined in the children's book `Ready, Get Set, Snart!`) to fart and sneeze simultaneously. See also feeze
Sally snarted dramatically then ran home to change her shorts.
by The Doo Doo Guru November 25, 2004
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