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A person who is crabby.

Adjective form: snitty

See also: crabapple crabapple tree

Don't go to the movies with James today, because he is being a snit.


James told me he doesn't like my dress today, but I think he was just being snitty.
by vodka martini November 11, 2005
the female genitalia. can be muttererd to oneself whilst admiring some local flan.
1. rub your snit over my face baby. 2. can i smell your snit please? 3.look at that piece of snit.
by strude June 26, 2007
a wet snart.
Jack thought it was just a snart, but it was a snit.
by roman November 20, 2003
Purple blob of bubble gum that may have came from out space.

Immortal. When Snit dies, he just presses start and ends up in Africa.

Hates Dairy Queen.
Oops! I think I just stepped on Snit.

Snit's a bastard.
by Snit June 14, 2004