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To laugh at the misfortune of another. liberal-fearing peoples will use snicker instead, since it sounds like the word nigger, a racist term.
I was sniggering at the faggot.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
731 142
a highly nonintelligent individual who happens to be a nigger
pull your head out of your ass you dumb snigger
by Harry Johnson February 26, 2005
73 99
Someone who is stupid and a nigger, Snigger
shut up snigger or your a snigger and should die for you sniggerdom
by Chronartist July 11, 2006
60 89
another word for a snickers bar
Shooby had some sniggers and became fat =D
by stanley lam February 11, 2006
17 54
a black person who likes to play with his penis.
the snigger was playing with himself all night.
by George Hilapos November 08, 2006
21 90
A Somalian nigger, like the ones that you see in Blackhawk Down.
Those fucking sniggers look like war refugees straight out of Mogadishu!
by Jim Wis April 03, 2008
42 121
Snigger- To laugh or snicker so intensely you end up snorting unattractively, whilst you chuckle, making yourself sound like a mouth queef.

snicker snorting laugh chuckle queef
Me- "Ah mah gawd, did you hear the voicemail Nemo left me?"
Them- "Bwhaha. I did. I sniggered so hard i peed and nearly shat myself."

shat pee
by slutwaffle July 20, 2011
38 118
(n). A cheap kid that goes trick or treating with no costume or wearing a stupid sheet with holes in the eyes or a paper bag ,or something similar, expecting to get free candy
"I was handing out candy on Halloween night and some snigger rang my doorbell in his school uniform and just put the candy in his backpack... I gave a candy corn"
by GtotheB February 03, 2010
2 82