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a Sand Nigga is an Arabic person that struggles just as much as black Niggaz,,
It has nothing to do with Snitch, Bitch, Stupid,,,

The police stopped looking for Niggaz they looking for Sand Niggaz "Snigga"
by KissMyArabicAss September 01, 2005
62 40
A nigga/wigga with snake-like qualities. They could be long and thin, or they could be sneaky.
"My girlfriend cheated on me for him? Man, what a snigga..."
by automaticflow January 28, 2013
2 4
A snigga is the combination of a stupid person and a nigga;
hence the term snigga.
Quonte:wassup what u doin today?
Mike:Um nuthin jus hittin up my pops house
Quonte: why?
Mike: im not sure
(Mike walks away)..
Quonte:that stupid ass snigga! Smh..!
by GiggleBlusher June 21, 2010
6 10
n. A compound word when you combine stupid & nigga
guy 1: ey dawg, what's the number to 911?

guy 2: damn, you snigga shut the hell up
by eugene May 10, 2004
29 33
A nigga who has just eaten a snickers bar. This name lasts until the snickers bar has been completely shat out.
As the famous T-Pain once wisely said "Im in love with a snigga. . ."
by R_Dawg_haha November 14, 2009
10 16
Abreviation of the expression "sand nigga" (cf:sand nigga)

This word was created by Yeddy in January 2010, in his song "Spazzin' remix"
Jay-z : Yo my Snigga what's poppin ?

Dj Khaled : Nothin' much ma nigga' !
by anonymous136728 February 03, 2010
7 14
"a really awesome and amazing person who is better than a 'sand nigga'. someone who is cooler than everyone else and chill. makes up cool words such as snigga. has cool convos and some have a future of becoming a dark purple butterfly with long, orange hair. others will become ants and eat those butterflies. goes by the name of mike or beth."
by Mike the Butterfly man September 15, 2008
9 18