A nigga who has just eaten a snickers bar. This name lasts until the snickers bar has been completely shat out.
As the famous T-Pain once wisely said "Im in love with a snigga. . ."
#snigger #norfuck titwank #snickers #nigga #chigga
by R_Dawg_haha November 14, 2009
An Arabic person that is tight or cool. A sand nigga.
This snigga right here is down with the biggest O.G. in the Yay! Shit son.
by DJ Farva May 14, 2005
A wack word my besties and I made up when we were stoned. It's a combo of snicker and n*gga. (Don't worry I'm black) It's an affectionate term to use on a friend or loved one. Just be sure you pronounce it clearly (if you're white)
"Yo, snigga, pass it."
#wack #high #snicker #n*ga #affectionate
by Yourmommasauruos November 01, 2011
"a really awesome and amazing person who is better than a 'sand nigga'. someone who is cooler than everyone else and chill. makes up cool words such as snigga. has cool convos and some have a future of becoming a dark purple butterfly with long, orange hair. others will become ants and eat those butterflies. goes by the name of mike or beth."
#snigga #snig #snugga #snooga #sniggaaa
by Mike the Butterfly man September 15, 2008
basically just a way ALL races can use the slang term known as "nigga" and not have any racial slurs behind the meaning...
"Ay snig what time my next class at?"
"Snigga yo class started about 15 minutes ago"
"Come on snigga"
#snig #nigga #snigger #wigga #nig
by Daniel Pierce April 10, 2008
Snigga = Snitch Nigga, ie, someone who rats on his "friends" to the cops, probably for a reward, or just favorable treatment by said pigs.
Huggy Bear is a Snigga, always snitchin' to Starsky & Hutch.
#disfunktshun #beer goggles bitch #cunt stack #elfy #delorean
A non racist term used by whites or blacks in order to show love to their "homeboys" or "homegirls".
Dianaa is a snigga.

Shaq's A Snigga
#nigga #wigga #chink #friend #diana #shaq #pelham #niggas
by Shaq Daddy09 October 06, 2008
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