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A middle eastern brotha down with da homies.

**Dont get it twisted, Osama and Bin Laden are NOT sand niggas. Ma'fucka's like that are a disgrace to the Middle East**
Yo, that's my sand nigga right there, man. He from da M-East.
by Milz December 17, 2004
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A person from the middle east.
Osama and saddam r sand niggas.
by cartman5000 July 27, 2004
A term used for people of Arib or Middle Eastern decent.
Sandnigga's always drive taxi's.
by N8E June 23, 2005
often used for an indian guy.. As his skin is brown looks like sand
Getoff the road sand-nigga
by perkboy August 09, 2008
a ghetto some cat from the block who is
aye-rab and gangsta as a muthafucka
officer leroy: hey kids, where did that aye-rab muthufucka run off to?

kids: fuck you officer leroy! that sand nigga is straight arablazin!
by El-Kam-Sushi December 20, 2005
a palestinian G named murad
murad is a sand nigga
by jasmine March 26, 2005
I juss want yall ta know that tha last two definitions are rong them mutha fuckas who wrote them dont know shit.
it can not be said by a white boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a common way of saying a middle eastern person...usually from the taliban." look at the sand nigga."

a middle eastern gangsta or homie who attempts to act black

THOSE TWO ARE SO FUCKIN RONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Bladez December 27, 2005

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