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Combination of the Words: Snazzy and Nifty.
That new car is fricken snifty!
by Mike Porter September 06, 2006
Root word-Snift. A combination of "Snazzy" and "Nifty". Mostly used in lieu of "Fucking Awesome" (:
That's a pretty snifty sock you have there.
by Betzilla(: October 28, 2009
a combination of both 'spiffy' and 'nifty'. used to describe something both spiffy and nifty.
the brak show is snifty
by dedweesel January 27, 2003
nickname for any painkilling pill that people abuse through sniffing them. hence the nickname "snifty". may include percoset, vicodin, etc.
hey man that snifty kept me up all night!
by wangslu July 23, 2011
(adj) pronounced Snif-tee, meaning super nifty. Comes from the latin greek form of cool.
"Superman is super and nifty."
"That means he's snifty."
"Right on my brotha."
by Ima Bee December 26, 2009
Similar in meaning to twos or bagsy but specifically coined for wanting to smell a sweaty/smelly item of female clothing.
After seeing a girl in hotpants at the gym arise from her exercise bike with a wet arse crack you would turn to your friend and say something along the lines of "Snifties on them". Delicious!
by Jordashton July 02, 2007
Used in leiu of "spiffy," lest you sound like a complete LOSER and everyone makes fun of you. Combination of spiffy, nifty, and YOUR A LOSER. Originally coined by Drew Hayes's comic book creation, Lusiphur Malaché, in the comic book Poison Elves.
That's the sniftiest thing I've ever heard.

You're snifty, go out with me.

Spiffy is a crutch for those unable to comprehend the complexity of snifty.
by Linza March 18, 2003
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