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1.) to take a quick breath through the nose.

2.) to take a quick sample.
Hey, bro can I get a sniff of my money?
by Joe M. July 31, 2004
17 22
slang for cocaine
by terry the wordsmith September 23, 2003
268 104
An expression used in the modern era of text messaging to signify a melodramatic sad feeling as succintly as possible.
(Upon the text message recipient not having called or texted recently) Where are you? Sniff :o(
by sk1984 January 10, 2007
175 109
1) A term used to describe a woman who flirts with guys or lesbian females at a bar only to use them for free drinks before leaving abruptly. Usually dressed like a slutty brunette or a busty blonde with a cute smile and a southern twang.

2) (in past tense) A male or lesbian female who just got used for free drinks by an attractive and flirtatious lady.
Damn, I just got snuffed by that Sniff after buying four rounds of Heinekens and Jager Bombs
by Beej H July 12, 2010
68 49
to do a line of drugs through your nose
I just sniffed a line of coke.
by caitlin February 26, 2005
90 80
mostly some fake jordans but they could b anytype of fake shoes.
Wow i cant believe cj really rockin them sniffs like they sweet.

Look at fly tys sniffs man the heel fallin off and he jus gottem yesterday.

Bro ya paint chippin off ya feet whod u cop them sniffs from?
by t-crack May 25, 2009
7 1
To examine packets going to and from computers in a network, usually with the intent of gathering information that is otherwise secret, such as passwords, or instant message conversations.
"Dude, I was wardriving and I totally sniffed this guys suicide girls password."

by evilocity August 06, 2005
40 38
Slang word for cocaine.
Girlfriend: "Joseph, I'm sick of you snorting cocaine all the time. It's time to choose, it's either me or the cocaine."

Boyfriend: "Guess I'll take the sniffs!"
by danmk March 16, 2010
1 0