To examine packets going to and from computers in a network, usually with the intent of gathering information that is otherwise secret, such as passwords, or instant message conversations.
"Dude, I was wardriving and I totally sniffed this guys suicide girls password."

by evilocity August 06, 2005
Alternative name used for money or cash.
'Ow much is that buncha flowers ya little stumble bum?'
'Well to you its two and half Sniffs guvnor'
by Chris French December 13, 2006
1.) to take a quick breath through the nose.

2.) to take a quick sample.
Hey, bro can I get a sniff of my money?
by Joe M. July 31, 2004
In disagreement with what someone has did,said or suggested. Can also be said to just be generally unhappy at something. Sniff does not have to be said at all. It can be gestured by just quickly raising your nostrils
Jane Doe: Hey you! I'm having a huge party at Black Bear in Hoboken. You guys should come. Everybody is gonna be there.

John Doe: Sniff
by minnow53 December 04, 2008
To spend more time with your partner than your friends
Waz isnt coming out tonight because hes sniffing Fliss
by Xite0069 August 21, 2008
To Breathe things up your nose
What that Chick is doing When you cant find a word on the shop picture to the right

P.S shes hot
by Caca March 01, 2005
Another word for a crackhead or coke fiend. Instead of calling someone a sniff, when walking past them just sniff heavily twice.
Person 1: Man my nose hurt yo.

Person 2: Nigga you a fuckin sniff!
by sonkun9 November 10, 2008

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