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v. The benign act of locating and logging wireless access points while in motion
wardriving is not a crime.
by blackwave June 11, 2003
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the practice of people driving around cities looking for insecure wireless networks
by none September 09, 2002
The art of using a laptop computer and specialized "sniffing" software to located usable 802.11 wireless networks--while driving. See also "war chalking."
I posted this definition via a wireless connection i found while war driving the Haight Ashbury.
by SYFer August 09, 2003
The process of driving around while looking for unsecured wireless networks with the intention of signing on to one.
I was up at my cabin and needed to get on to the internet, so I went wardriving around the nearest town in search of wireless networks.
by Froid! June 12, 2008
The sport of the uber leet. You scan for wi-fi networks on your laptop whilst driving around, sitting in mall parking lots, outside the hot chick you have your eye on's house, etc.

Some popular programs war drivers use are:
Wardrive ToolBox:

Just remember, it may be illegal to use a wireless access point without permission from the owner.
You should see these nudies I collected from last night's war driving.
by Apple Bag October 10, 2005
war driving = Drive around in a car, searching for wifi networks, and hack them!

Net Stumbler
Air Snort
Bobby age 7 aka. leet haxor111
Timmy age 5 aka. iwubducks

AIM Uber Haxor! chat room 122234243233
leet haxor111: yo wuby wanna go war driving!?!
iwubducks: of course, you get your pimpin golf cart workin?
leet haxor111: yeeeeaaa!!!
iwubducks: shaaweet!

1 hour 32 minutes later...
Bobby, and Jimmy got charged with speeding, wifi hacking, and reckless driving.

Bobby and Jimmy are now in jail for their whole life
by Bill Hamway September 04, 2005
owening people's networks by "netstumbling" their wifi.
These newbs don't have their wifi secured, OWENED!
by RAWB November 04, 2003
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