When you are at a family or friendly gathering and you are in the worst mood ever. You don't want to be rude, but if you say anything it will certainly be rude. Use this word to convey to your significant other that it's time to go.
Mike: Hey baby, are you enjoying the party?
Nikki: I'm going to slit your throat if you ask me one more question... effing snickers
Mike: Snickers? We just got here...
Nikki: ::callus nod:: snickers
by The Real Magic Mike October 03, 2012
A tan, Delicious, good looking guy! Who makes you melt With his sweet personality.
I just met this one guy and he was a total " Snickers"
by AsianGirl2497 August 04, 2012
Meaning good looking

way to choong to be believable

boom buff choong
Chris Brown is so snicker.

Dat boi is ova snicker
by MizUnpredictable November 25, 2007
white little crack a that you shoot for snacking on your ho!
that damn snicker gonna get shot up in tis joint!
by flmngdice94 February 13, 2009
A turd that's chock full of peanuts.
I pinched off a snickers that must have been a foot and a half long.
by The Duke July 23, 2003
1) An attractive black male
2) A black man's dick
1) Amy: Lousie, do you know Candy's new boyfriend?
Louise: I'm so jealous, he's a snickers.

2) Tyrone: I let your mama eat my snickers yeasterday!
Brian: Coz I was at yours givin your mama mine!
by martian #1 January 01, 2010
another term for marijuana
yo, im bout to go get some snickers u tryin 2 roll?
by shalla December 27, 2006
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