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a word used by lrms wich is a joke used on girls when the girl is a ho so she has ske ske aka sperm all over her aka she is a skezer
yo that bitch lanique is a skezer
by snickerz February 15, 2005
A girl who sucks dicks for money but tells every one shes a nice jewish girl usally has brown hair and likes boys named ethan beyer.
I just met a chaviva shes so jewish
Other boy:she just gave me a blow
by Snickerz December 22, 2013
not being yourself(two faced)
yo why you fadin cus
by snickerz February 14, 2005
a nick name used by the nigga in LRMS
yo snickers where my paper
by snickerz February 15, 2005

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