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when two people have a secret crush on eachother, and
they dont know what to do cause one of them happen to
have a girlfriend!
Cat snickers Horse =)
by hc company February 28, 2008
When a woman (of any race) sucks the penis of a white man, a black man and a latino man at the same time (the three men represent the chocolate, peanuts and caramel).
After the prom, she got a Snickers.
by MC PunkFade January 09, 2008
the new brokeback.

derived from a controversial snickers ad that aired during the super bowl that depicted two men accidentally kissing, then ripping out their chest hair to prove that they are "manly."

the ad pissed off over-reacting gay rights activists as well as social conservatives, proving once again that the lunatic fringes on either side of the political spectrum have no sense of humor.
wow, clay aiken is so snickers.
by lighten up February 07, 2007
When a man dips his "nuts" or testicles in caramel and then teabags a sleeping friend....
Man, did you see Jimmy give Steve a snickers while he was sleeping the other day.
by The Fellas April 01, 2008
1.what u say when you get a wedgie... or something "shocking" of somesort happens.
2. cheap chocolate
3. What u do when your friends icecream scoop falls off the cone.
Oh Snickers, I dropped my snickers in the dirt! I snickered.
by Kewl_Gal August 08, 2007
A fit girl. Can be used in singular and plural. Another word for Snickers is Snexor.
She is a Snickers. Check her out; she's well Snickers! I went to a party last night, and there were loads of Snickers.
by Skexor October 31, 2006
when you cover a mans nuts in chocolate, caramel, and nougat and then proceed to suck them.
man my girl gave me the most amazing snickers last night, she licked me clean, it was so kinky!
by GINA BITCH! September 04, 2008