when a woman sneezes causing a sudden unexpected moment of incontinence
While driving down the road, Heidi sneezed and accidentally sneeped.

During allergy season, my mom carries an extra pair of underwear incase she sneeps.
by dfwladies June 14, 2012
Top Definition
sneep - Meaning to offend or emotionaly hurt someone by word or deed.
(North Staffordshire dialect)
Her best friend was sneeped when Susan asked someone else to be her bridesmaid.
by The Potter July 24, 2006
A sex act involving one male and one female participant. The female lies on her back with her vulva raised in the air (often she must place her feet behind her head and clasp her legs with her arms in order to achieve the desired effect.) The male participant stands over the female and proceeds to spread apart her buttocks and insert his scrotum into the female’s rectum (requires a substantial amount of lubricant and a loose sphincter.) Then he inserts his erect penis into the vagina, successfully DPing while solo. The Male then performs a squatting motion which stimulates both partners immensely.

Ronald was sneeping this one chick and her dad busted in, effectively ruining all three of their evenings.
by lammdawg March 19, 2008
verb, To snuggle whilst sleeping with another person or an animal

sneepy: adjective

Origin of Sleep,

“Once upon a time, Jennifer and her dog Patch, fell asleep whilst snuggling. The next day, Jennifer described the occurence to her mama, Marcia, on the way to school. By mistake, she combined the words ‘snuggle’ and ‘sleep’ when she said, “It was such a good sneep.” And what a lucky mistake it was. The end.”
v: Iowa is so very cold, I wish I had my puppy to sneep wif.

adj:Would you rike to come over? I are very sneepy.
by JMHRG October 07, 2010
a very cute and huggable person
lin-manuel miranda is such a sneep
by claudevangogh June 03, 2016

A very obnoxiously sleepy nap taken by a chronically lazy individual after exerting just the slightest bit of energy.
"After walking back from the refrigerator she fell onto the couch and had a sneeps"
by PalomoClassy May 09, 2013
the act of closing your eyes and starting to drift off into dream-land.
"Neah go to sneep!"
"Vegas Baby 96, go to sneep."
"Sneepy tiiiime!"
"You don't need coffee, you need sneep."
by Uglyvegasbaby96 February 16, 2010
A harmless prank repeated over a long period of time.
Timmy decided to sneep Rebecca by leaving pictures of Shrek on her desk for a year
by The Sneepster July 11, 2015
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