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verb, To snuggle whilst sleeping with another person or an animal

sneepy: adjective

Origin of Sleep,

“Once upon a time, Jennifer and her dog Patch, fell asleep whilst snuggling. The next day, Jennifer described the occurence to her mama, Marcia, on the way to school. By mistake, she combined the words ‘snuggle’ and ‘sleep’ when she said, “It was such a good sneep.” And what a lucky mistake it was. The end.”
v: Iowa is so very cold, I wish I had my puppy to sneep wif.

adj:Would you rike to come over? I are very sneepy.
by JMHRG October 07, 2010
prep·ar·a·thon noun. \ˌprep(ə)r-ə-ˌthän\

an event characterized by great length or concentrated effort whose purpose is to make participants ready for a long anticipated event.

specifically, watching all the movies (or reading all the books or watching all the episodes) in a series to prepare oneself for an upcoming release to better enjoy the subtleties.

This could also be applied to music.
1. Instead of studying for my finals, I watched Captain America, Thor and Iron Man II in preparathon….for a film that comes out at the end of next semester.

2. We totally holed up with all of our books and read those bitches straight through a few summers ago as a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Preparathon before the final installment came out.

3. I am for hella sure going to have an Arrested Development Preparathon before the new half-season and film happen no matter what commitments I have to neglect.

4. I am definitely going to listen to the first two Right Away, Great Captain concept albums in preparathon for The Church of the Good Thief is released.

5. What? I am seeing/hearing Radiohead live in February? Hell yeah, I'm having a month long preparathon.
by jmhrg December 05, 2011

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