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A sex act involving one male and one female participant. The female lies on her back with her vulva raised in the air (often she must place her feet behind her head and clasp her legs with her arms in order to achieve the desired effect.) The male participant stands over the female and proceeds to spread apart her buttocks and insert his scrotum into the female’s rectum (requires a substantial amount of lubricant and a loose sphincter.) Then he inserts his erect penis into the vagina, successfully DPing while solo. The Male then performs a squatting motion which stimulates both partners immensely.

Ronald was sneeping this one chick and her dad busted in, effectively ruining all three of their evenings.
by lammdawg March 19, 2008
The sack-whack is a sexual maneuver which is preformed mid-coitus between two, consenting or non-consenting individuals, with at least one of them (the receiver) being a male. The initiator (male or female) sits astride their partner (male) while receiving anal or vaginal penetration. When the initiator feels his/her partner is on the cusp of climaxing they will perform a quick, albeit sharp, open or closed handed strike against their partner’s scrotum. If performed correctly, this act will undoubtedly stave off the male’s orgasm and allow for a lengthier period of sexual stimulation for the initiator.
Bill: What happened with you and Sandy last night?
Tyrone: I had to sneep that bitch after she gave me a sack-whack.
Bill: Yeah, and then what happened?
Tyrone: We both felt awful, so we had a make up sandish.
Bill: Awesome!
by lammdawg April 23, 2008

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