A word used when you are excited about something.
"I got a 100 on my test. Sneep!"
by Shunta1996 March 30, 2010
Meaning a random comment to replace either a swear word, or a word you cannot think of. When you are disoriented, simply just say sneep, then calm down, and you are able to talk again.
Hey did you see that new movie, it was so...sooo..SNEEP!
by Green Pig September 12, 2004
in refrence to asshole (brown eye). this is a word used strategically by sneeping it in common talk.
1. i bet she has a tight sneep.
2. dude you your such a sneepasaurus.
3. here's your change would you like your resneep.
by hagbard celine December 22, 2004

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