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A girl that let's her pubic hair grow with wild abandon.
I was eating out this snatchsquatch the other night and got enough hair to make a wig stuck in between my teeth.
by Die Saturn January 17, 2006
Just like the mythical creature of old, said to roam the deep forested areas of the North American continent, the snatchsquatch is rarely, if ever seen. The snatchsquatch is the title given to a wife's snizpod by the sorry sap that married her.
Single dude: Hey bro, how was your weekend?

Married dude: Not bad. Wasted a lot of it looking for the snatchsquatch. Didn't find shit!

Single dude: Dude, you need to get laid more than those nature nerds do!
by Marty33 January 12, 2013
Extremely hairy and out of control female pubic region. Usually appears as if the woman in question has sasquatch's head in a leg lock.
Also a reference to the fact that many women today shave their pubic hair, and thus is sighted rarely, especially in strip clubs and porno movies.
When she took off her pants, I could see the hair coming out from the sides of her panties; it looked like she had snatchsquatch hiding in there.
by Chas Jason December 01, 2006
A broad-shouldered beast living within human society that lacks every social skill taught to elementary school students. Their frame borderlines on that of the female homo-sapien and Yeti. They are most commonly found at Home Depot, Summer craft and female music festivals.
Look, it's a Snatchsquatch! Hide the Miller Lite!
by Cbswww August 17, 2008
A person who is a master of THE art of beatingthepussyup.
Obmit is aka as snatchsquatch
by OBMIT November 17, 2009
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