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One of Nero's moves in the videogames Devil May Cry 4, where he extends his devil arm a long distance to pull an enemy to him or pull himself towards an enemy (depending on their size).

Wait long enough and you'll be able to snatch the center demon, who is the smallest of the group.
by MrCerebellum July 23, 2008
Another word for a girls fadge
Ow! I just banged my snatch
by Dave The Ripper May 15, 2008
A dirty vaginal area.

"You've got dandruff on your snatch.
Itchy bitchy, Scratchy snatchy."

by Look_Left July 21, 2006
a filthy crusty smelly twat
gabe snacked on natalie's snatch
by dufa January 10, 2007
The pocket of fat just above the crotch.
Jennys pants didn't fit right because of the snatch she put on over christmas break.
by nardians April 18, 2009
A dirty ass, stank, expired, rotten, spoiled, putrid pussy or vaginal area!!!
"Sticky, can u lick my pussy?" "Yes, I can if u duche. I don't deal wit fonky snatches or them lips wit itchy rashes!"
by BriBri2crazy February 01, 2007
1. An excellent film by Guy Ritchie, a sequel to his first filme Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which protrays a diamond heist in London's gangland.
2. Another slang term for vagina.
Stan:"Who's got Snatch?"
Rachel: "I don't!"
by akwolf January 30, 2006