A skank ass skeeze who fails to realize that she is seen not as a girl but as a cum dumpster, face to glaze, and gaping cooter. Also, she posesses a rancid smelling vagina.
This "model" at Windsor High is such a snatch. All guys know shes just a grill to bust on.
by Doug Maher February 19, 2006
1. Word for a girls vagina, preferable refering to a filthy one
2. Trap or rapid ensnairment device
3. Quick or fast steal
1. Yea, that bitch has a filthy snatch
2. The bear got caught in the snatch
3. Give it back you snatched it from me!
by Okey January 29, 2006
Many, lots.
I have snatches of licorice.
by proud2deviate January 19, 2004
plural for beaver,,, fanny,sometimes gets called beaver
Two guys enter their night club an 1 says fuck me wheres all the snatch tonight?,
by Fatdash December 14, 2009
A small purse or clutch
Put the money in your snatch.
by nedwardo July 02, 2011
syllene moody
stop being suck a snatch
by cunt face snatch December 20, 2008
Can you believe that snatch is behind garbage can hookin up with her BFF'S OLDMAN!(OLD LADY)
by THEGIGI November 04, 2010

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