to drag your pointer figer across someones upper lip just below their nose, as to let them smell the "snatch" your finger was just inside of!
You just got snatched, did that pussy smell good?
by Shawn Collum August 13, 2007
a word used t describe a sexy women
hey look at da for a bit of snatch

shes a fine bit of snatch
by abdominalhoman June 07, 2007
Used when grabbing something.
Can you snatch the trash on da way out da door?
by Jamie Morgan August 22, 2005
It is the black version of the verb "steal." If a mexican steals something, a black person snatches it.
Hey, R kelly's finna snatch dat money fo!!
by steve absher July 23, 2005
snatch. the in between name for girl who is more than a bitch but not a cunt.
babe I just got home why do you hafta be a snatch?
by justinzEZ4U November 09, 2005
1.One Who, is consumed by the need and constant pursuit of vaginal entrance and, or the grabbing of valuables, to "come-up."
2.Da female organ from which da lips are da gate to holy bliss.
1.Damn Son! Snatch is Naughty by Nature!
2.Man, when i dream all i see is Snatch.
by Shameus C July 26, 2005
The art of grabbing a male of female's nipple without them noticing. Snatches can only be prevented by saying "No Snatches" which then grants immunity for 2 minutes.
*Dylan extends hand onto Brady's hard nipple*

Dylan: "Snatchesss"

*Christian screams from top of the lung*
Christan: "No Snatches!"
by Isnatches March 11, 2015

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