When you fuck the shit out of your lady friend you grab her purse and run
While Billy was alone with Jill they experimented and during the process Billy snatched Jill
by Hootj7 August 21, 2011


used infront of ho as in "snatch ho"
My snatch hurts!

You dumb snatch!

Snatch ho
by muwah August 13, 2008
High skills in the area of grasping objects. Oftentimes combined with the.
I got the snatches, dog.
by OpIvy420 January 17, 2004
To Get The Boy/Girl You Want.
To Get A Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
Homeboy:Oh My Dawg Funna Santch
Josh: Damn Right Imma Snatch
by smartass2000 December 31, 2011
A pearl-wearing, self help book reading, Polo shirt sporting southern bell that despises poor people, carries her purse on her wrist, gags at the sight of a Salvation army, finds utopia at Banana Republic, and gives her time to children's charities to make up for her evils.
We shopped at Old Navy while the snatch waited at Starbucks...she wouldn't be caught dead at an Old Navy!
by Nanna Gummy Bear November 16, 2011
1. (noun) any dark crevice on a body part, male or female, that longs for attention and yearning
I gave it to that bitch so good. Right in her snatch.
by snatchloverShenCo2012 April 07, 2011
Sort of an inside-joke term for vagina.
Person 1: Hey, Can you slide me a bowl of snatch?

Person 2: You know snatch means vagina, right?
by jacobwizzle March 17, 2010

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