A word in which Ethan Mandel has told you to look up. You silly rascal, should've thought of this before you tried it. Now I'll bet you feel super silly don't ya?
That kid is such a snark, he decided to look up "snarky" in the dictionary.
by Ethan mandel January 28, 2008
being covered in a large group of exploding Snarks whilst playing Half-Life.
also, a Half-Life player who uses lots of Snarks whilst playing online.
"there was an awfully snarky fellow on the other team, all he used were the damn snarks!"
by NSimon March 27, 2007
snarky or snarkiness first appeared on an episode of veronica mars.
Was that snarky enough for you?
by snarkywayyss April 04, 2007
words that are intended to both impress and belittle someone at the same time; haughty
Hipsters relish the use of snarky commentary to appear more cerebral than pedestrian, main-stream types.
by firedancer22 July 14, 2005
subversive, sneaky, clever, mean
(NYT, 5/19/03) "The feature (NY Magazine)articles were often snarky -- Tom Wolfe's article on radical chic redefined protest as fashion..."
by anne scott beller May 19, 2003
Slang: Irritable or short-tempered.
Don't get snarky with me this early in the morning, young lady.
by Eva Gale April 29, 2005
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