the sound made when a vagina(or anus) penetrating cock catches and bends and at the same the porn director's movie thingy snaps to signal "cut". the timing must be very precise. very hard to pull off. only one copy has ever been found and last i heard it was spotted at the U of Michigan but started it's journey in Hauppauge,LI,NY.
by Rob "bigwalker" Williams February 22, 2003
Top Definition
Quick, without unnecessary delay.
"Better make it snappy, cap, fuel's a-burning." (From: Jagged Alliance 2)
by Sashanan September 11, 2003
A mood between snatchy and happy
You make me feel so snappy!
by wcsmack June 23, 2009
A term of endaerment for ones loved one.
Oi geezer...Snappy's on the phone for you!
by ave-it April 11, 2003
a girl who just wont shut up but you still love them anyway
Marlon was talking about his world class golfer dad but Veronica could be nothing but snappy about his ego.
by dablackpotato November 14, 2006
Slang term for a condom.

Refers to the sound in which a latex condom makes when removed quickly from the male penis after sex.
"Man, after tapping my girl's ass last night I pulled my snappy off and it snapped my hand so hard it left a mark that lasted for three days.
by Xg-Raven January 13, 2007
1.Loud, obnoxious co-worker who snaps her fingers on the way to the bathroom, the fax machine, the photocopier, the lunchroom, the boardroom, etc.
2.Co-worker who's head you would love to snap right off.
1. Snappy is making me MENTAL today!!!
by Postal February 26, 2004
a porn-lovin, low cut shirt-wearin' hoebag that walks the streets of the 'burg looking for a boyfriend. She's single ladies and gents.
Snappy, your headlights are on!
by T-funk February 28, 2004
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