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to lose your temper and act in an aggressive manner.
I had to snap on some old bitch at the Job Center.
by Pops April 27, 2003
Adj. used to describe money or skills.
Yo you got some snaps for the movie?
Damn homey got all the snaps on the mic
by Justice October 16, 2002
Acronym, meaning: Social Network Avatar Phonies

1. People (and their groupies/followers) who write comments on social networking sites that they will never say in non-virtual reality; People on social networking sites that hide behind a computer monitor and their virtual browbeating facades; People on social networking sites that have courage from spatial and corporeal distances.
2. People (and their groupies/followers) who act tough and say comments on social networking sites to incite confrontation that they have no intentions of backing up.
Person 1: I would totally hit Person 2 'cause he said something that does not agree with my sensibilities.

Person 2: When it comes to taboo subjects such as sex, war, drugs, religion, violence, and/or politics, you act like such a S.N.A.P. So if you're feelin' froggy, then leap!
(Person 1 scatters whenever they see Person 2)

Je$u$ Freak: I'm glad that my church preaches abstinence @ abortion clinics. I'm pro-life gosh darnit! I'm a mercenary, in the Lord's Army.

(An arbitrary amount of time later)

Je$u$ Freak: God damn it! Why don't I have that many subscribers?
Beelzebubblicious: Because you're actin' like such a S.N.A.P.!
by Dr. Miles Bennell November 30, 2010
praise for a job well done
snaps for reeling in your man!
by l November 09, 2003
In terms of weed it is the process of grinding or breaking up weed and packing it in a bong-- You're expected to kill the bowl in one hit in most cases, since the weed is grinded up it burns quicker and therefore makes it possible for one person to burn an entire bowl in a single hit. This however will tear the SHIT out of your lungs but will get you fuckin zooted!
Guy#1: "He sales chronic-ass budd for hella cheap though!"

Guy#2: "Yeah but he's only selling shake"

Guy#1: "Its chill bro we'll just pack some snaps" :)
by ThizzWalker November 13, 2007
1. an expression displaying the slickness of a comment you just made

2. a word to use when u get shocked or suprised about a comment.
1. YOU: yea well....ur mom!
other guy: wtf dude
YOU: 0o0o0o snap!

2. LISA: im still a virgin
by Isabelle November 15, 2003
A bowl of weed, packed such that all of the weed will be burnt and inhaled in a single hit. Perfect for stealth smoking due to the fact that no excess smoke is made.
Let's go up into my room to take a snap!

Dude, you look so baked! How many snaps have you done?!

We ripped snaps earlier.
by CrazyBillIsCrazy April 26, 2010