One of the three rice krispies elves.
Snap, Crackle, Pop!
by Desmond Clark February 14, 2009
Surprise. Astonishment.
Oh snaps that car is awesome.
Oh snaps I forgot my money!
by G February 26, 2003
The substitute for the word "shit".
Oh Snap! I forgot to bust a cap in jimmys ass last night.
by Travis December 05, 2002
An exclamation used when one just realized somthing or something suprises.
"Aww snap son, its the cops!!!"
by Haydizzle November 05, 2003
Yeah, this is the kinda S N A P you do not want. Trust me. Every girl and or guy has felt this at least once or twice or a million times through out their dating life. Most likely like on TINDER or GRINDER you have experience this. Like, just wait at Starbucks and sit there looking pretty. Are they gonna be hot? or hotter or hottest? or NOT. Get back in your car now sister or brother. LOL. So, S N A P. There are spaces because the guy or girl you were once falling for just snapped their fingers. Now there is a space between you and him or her that can be filled with someone ELSE? Like, WHAT? Hold up. Wait a minute. You did not just do that. Like, I am fucking IRREPLACEABLE.....ask Beyonce. We are BFF's. Every LADY out there or WOAHMAN is friends with Beyonce, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift. We all have things in common. ROAR. We will not be snapped at. EVER. SNAP. No spaces between this one. You want us and you can't have us. EVER. UNLESS we say so. There. I said it.
You S N A P at me. I will SNAP right back. TRUST.
by Femalesheep June 18, 2014
Snapping one's fingers in place of the words "That's what she said." Generally used when actually saying "That's what she said" would be inappropriate, such as when at one's mother's house, at work, or at a funeral.
dude 1: "Hey boss, this guy is looking for some work, think we could help him out?"

boss: "Sure, I have two positions to fill, why not use him?

dude 2: *snap*

dude 1: *fist bump*
by Brolaf October 19, 2010
Sex, then a nap.
Let's "snap" on this lazy Sunday afternoon.
by Shawn2720 January 17, 2010

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