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Snah the act of being in the mood of snah
he asked me to go to the movies and i said snah
by Jack st.clair April 05, 2007
The noise a moustachioed man would make after talking or when being snotty.
"I have a moustache, you don't. Snah."

"I say that all people on the streets deserve to be... Snah."
by Amyngve May 26, 2007
A stalker ex girl/boyfriend; one who stalks after a relationship. Also someone annoying and cruel.
He is such a snah...I can't believe I was ever even friends with him!
by Hannah Witzig April 05, 2008
The number that would come after 9 if it wasn't 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 snah gnah 10
by Mike Geddes September 09, 2003

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