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The food you bring to your friends house and/or dorm and you leave in exchange for the free booze you will receive at the house and/or dorm room.
Yes, Darren brought over two bags of cooler ranch doritos as a snackrifice. Bring out the shot glasses and jager, we are going to party.
by Rob Viv December 07, 2007
26 14
A kind gesture, whereby, an individual saves the last delicious treat or food parcel for his/her significant other or friend.
Ellen snackrificed the last apple turnover, because she knew it was her husband's favorite.
by Benny1234 December 16, 2009
13 5
The willing trade of a food or beverage item in return for a future favor or service.
Zach didn't want to mow the lawn, but Jamey made him a snackrifice of hot wings for doing it.
by Troublemaker October 18, 2013
3 0
(noun) : to give up an unhealthy snack in favor of a healthy one
In order to stick to her diet, Paula made a huge snackrifice by passing on the chips and instead decided to nosh on the carrots and celery sticks.
by you1234 July 14, 2009
8 9
Giving away a coveted much-awaited treat to a superior out of ogligatory feeling.
I'd been staring at my brownie all morning waiting for break time, but had to snackrifice it to the boss.
by frehd March 22, 2009
2 5
To avoid grazing between meals.

"I really wanted popcorn at the movie, but I have to snackrifice to reach my goal weight."
by Jenn M. October 29, 2006
7 10
1994 Was Developed by the "Pyro" of Freeman Centennial Grade School in Norfolk MA. The word is a combination of Snack and Sacrifice. It has since caught on like wildfire, no pun intended.

To give food willingly
I demand a snackrifice
by Tobias Silverthorne May 08, 2008
4 21