an alternate form of 'talking;' specifically when you are romantically talking.
Me and Christine were smurfing and i don't know how serious it is or what she means by it.
by cutiemcdoodle October 14, 2010
asphyxiating ones breathing until their faced becomes blue in color then proceeding to have sexual relations with them.
John tried smurfing Suzy last night but she passed out.
by mother smurfer! July 15, 2010
The act of smurfing is to hit someone with your own or someone else's penis. Not restricted to just hitting the head, any part of the body counts. Works best when penis is in erect state.
-Oww, what was that?
-A penis.
-Esmée are you smurfing me again?
-Yes, but with James's penis.
by MissCroft. February 26, 2010
Smurfing is the use of a smurf attack by an exploitation of the Internet Protocol (IP) broadcast addressing to create a denial of service. The attacker uses a program called Smurf to cause the attacked part of a network to become inoperable.
The network cracker decided to bring down an enemy's website by impersonating web traffic using smurfing
by Amiicus June 29, 2012
When a girl goes down on one guy then makes out with another guy right after.
Did you hear about Chante' smurfing Justin last night?
by WeekendWarrior22 June 14, 2010
peforming cunnilingus on a massivly infected vagina (see "blue waffle")
i went smurfing on this girl last night and now my mouth tastes like mackerel
by parasite159 May 21, 2010
To choke ones self while masturbating to achieve an amazing orgasm
Phil:wanna hang out

Tim: Nope im gonna be smurfing tonight in a batman suit
by imadeitupjacob March 23, 2010

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