To hold someones head in a mop bucket til the bubbles stop then text 911 for help!

*(past tense) smurfed
He ready get smurfed if he keep playing with me!

I am seriously about to smurf that trick!
by DezDiamond July 26, 2011
A blue-shirted agent of the Transportation Security Administration.
I'm calling my lawyer. I just got gate-raped by a bunch of surly, incompetent smurfs.
by won't fly again December 26, 2010
While doing the blue butt monkey as your partners face turns blue u keep choking and make them suck there Dick so u can say u got suckd off by a smurf.
Last night I made this drunk chick b my smurf.
by kstan3 July 29, 2010
Commonly used as a substitute for a swear word.
What the SMURFING SMURF are you SMURFING talking about you mother SMURFING SMURF please leave me the SMURT alone so i can rest in SMURFING peace! SMURFING thank you!
by chya mamma December 07, 2008
Smurf-(noun)(adj.)1.a small woodland creature said to be three apples tall and blue

2.a censor word used to cover up profane language
1. That smurf stole my apples!

2. Shut the smurf up
by Avarael May 21, 2008
A little blue pill of xanax, usually of the 2mg variety.
I downed a few smurfs and had a few beers, now I'm f'd up!
by Stinar28 January 26, 2008
A word meaning awesome, great, kool or any describing words like that.
Also a TV show staring 100 little blue people.
A kids show.
Smurf 1: "Man Did you see Janet last niight"
Smurf 2: "Oh yeah she was freaken smurf man"
Smurf 1: "I know hey she was so smurf"

Made up Episode:Smurf 1: "Man i found smurfet in bed with papa smurf last night"
Smurf 2: "ohhhhhh man to bad for you hey"
Smurf 1: "Yeah but i found a new lady called baby smurf who is so smurf"
by Cohenjd January 13, 2008

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