One of the group of little blue midgets who live in houses that look like magic mushrooms. They take turns gangbanging the only female in their group, who is owned by a pimp daddy named Papa Smurf. The smurfs are harassed by some old geezer named Gargamel who is Hell-bent on killing and eating them since he's too lazy to hunt or fish or so to the store to buy food.
The Smurfs show sucked.
by AYB March 22, 2003
One who is addicted to the pharmaceutical drug Oxycontin; Specifically 30mg (roxys), and typically shows signs of addiction, without hiding it.
My smurf of a sister asked me if I could find her some blues.
by Luvs2kickit24 April 13, 2011
another word for "cocaine". more of an underground word; commonly used so that others are not sure of the topic of conversation.
Hank: "Where's the little miss cokey smurf?"
Runkle: "Blowing away the rest of my money."
by BelleAuBoisDormant March 14, 2011
An Ultramarines army in warhammer
man those smurfs always have land raiders!
by The_Dark_Side May 08, 2005
A "Smurf" a person or group of people ranging in age from a baby, toddler, child, teenager to adolescent, or simply under Parental control.
The word "Smurf" is taken from the comic and TV "The Smurfs" who's many different characters mimic the behavior of today's young adults. The reason behind the Word is that all young adults will cause adults to swear in frustration, to use blue language and because of this "Smurf" if the perfect word to describe all young adults.
See Wiki reference for list of characters and further details at
Your Smurf is adorable.
The Smurf's have been well behaved all day.
The Smurf's are outside playing in the garden.
She is your Smurf honey, can't you tell her she was wrong.
The Smurf has been a complete arse and refused to go to school.
The <censored> Smurf dropped my laptop!
by frag.happy July 22, 2013
A term given to dumb players in the Battlefield series. They sit around and do nothing while your squad does everything. Usually snipers on an attacking rush map, how are you going to get the objective by sitting back.
trammellk: Look at that dumbass smurf sitting in our spawn

WWADDICT: How the hell we supposed to win with players like that.

SublimeSouth: We should kill all the fucking smurfs!
by trammellk July 21, 2011
A blue-shirted agent of the Transportation Security Administration.
I'm calling my lawyer. I just got gate-raped by a bunch of surly, incompetent smurfs.
by won't fly again December 26, 2010
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