In banking, smurfing refers to splitting of a large financial transaction into multiple smaller transactions, each of which is below a minimum limit (such as $10,000) above which banks must report any financial transaction, precisely for the purpose of evading scrutiny by regulators or law enforcement. Someone who smurfs is a smurf in this context. Usualy hired by drug runners and usualy more than one to move an large amount of cash to launder it.
How are you going to launder all that money, Don't worry I have alot of smurfs.
by nathan christiansen August 08, 2006
Little blue people from a cartoon series.
Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf! Gargamel captured Smurfette!
by louis October 22, 2001
A 30mg roxycodone which are blue in color an addictive as hell. Often known to turn decent looking white girls into nasty hood rats within a matter of months. To the male species this drug is know to lower inhibitions enough that they will sell their mothers wheelchair to obtain just one more smurf.
Yo man you got any smufs? Hell yah son, $30 each.

Man that hoe been giving head for dem smurfs

Damn man, where'd you get that nice ass whip? Oh dis nigga bad on smurfs so he sold it to me for ten
by c0ntr0lled_substance January 25, 2013
A mixed drink consisting of cheap vodka, blue gatorade, and a splash of redbull. Originated in the 608 area code, more specifically the streets of Reedsburg.

When drinking this, people are encouraged to be belligerant and yell "smurf-durf" after every drink. For this reason it can also be referred to as Smurf-Durf.
We are going to have to put VanCleave to bed early tonight, he has been drinking Smurf again.

Hey Bob let me get some of that Smurf, I wanna get fucked up.
by BK from the 608 June 20, 2010
smurf the smurf old school 80's wop yay area

dance originating in the yay (as in yay area) during the early 80's.. while everyone was doing the moon walk, we were doing the smurf..

lean a shoulder back, snap your fingers, kick the foot on the same side back, roll forward, repeat on other side..

yeah, i know it sounds awkward but how can you accurately describe a hella cool dance in WORDS?
back in the day we hella grooved doin' the smurf and the wop!
by indaybaby February 23, 2008
Socialist Men Under The Red Father
Those smurfs commie bastards.
by scwheppe April 14, 2007
One of the group of little blue midgets who live in houses that look like magic mushrooms. They take turns gangbanging the only female in their group, who is owned by a pimp daddy named Papa Smurf. The smurfs are harassed by some old geezer named Gargamel who is Hell-bent on killing and eating them since he's too lazy to hunt or fish or so to the store to buy food.
The Smurfs show sucked.
by AYB March 22, 2003

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