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When a girl with a shaved pussy queefs on her partners face.
My face was all sticky this morning.
My chick gave me a Brazilian blowout last night.
by kstan3 October 10, 2010
When in a doggy style position with your girl you both fall over at the same time from exhaustion while still inside her and keep having sex.
Ron white came up with the lazy dog.
by kstan3 August 19, 2010
A horrible act in which when u pull your Dick out of your partners ass and there is shit all over your Dick.
What you do last night?
I was fucking this chick and she gave me a rusty fork.
by kstan3 July 26, 2010
Simply when a female cums.
I fuckd this chick so hard her muff milk squirted all over me.
by kstan3 October 08, 2010
To fart into a oscillating fan amd have your smell whirl around the room like a twister
We were at that party last night and I gave the living room a skunk tornado.
by kstan3 July 27, 2010
Many debates on what this actually is. But officially a stoner minute is 7 minutes. Because 7 minutes is the equivalent of 420 seconds.
I told that fucker to give me a stoner minute

About 420 seconds
by kstan3 November 29, 2010
Another word for a homosexual.
Did you see that rump rascal over there?
O ya
by kstan3 June 13, 2010

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