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A phrase that people outside of Boise use to refer to Boise State's famous blue fieldturf.

People who live in Boise or people who claim to be BSU football "fans" that use the phrase are either A) not actual Bronco fans, or are B) bandwagon fans that jumped on after the Fiesta Bowl win (the 'A' type of fan also applies here).
"Can you believe that guy down at Buster's referred to Bronco Stadium as 'the smurf turf'? We kicked his ass out of the bar for that garbage."
by HTC February 03, 2008

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name given to Boise State University's blue colored footbal turf.
some teams use the smurf turf as an excuse to rationalize their poor performance.
by Raymond October 06, 2004
Noun. Blue pubes.
Every girl named Ashley has smurf turf.
by Joey Orgler 5 August 04, 2013