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Having a lot of money with disregard on how it was accumulated.

Sucessfull with earning money keeping it and falunting it all at the same time. Could be a hustler, or a smart person, or they could have worked for it.
"That nigga Kwan is breaded then a mofo!"

"Did you see that niggas watch, i think it was a jacob that shit was worth at least 20K, that nigga is breaded!!"

"WHOOOOOOWEYY you see them 24's right THURR on that ESCALADE?! That nigga drivin must be BREADED!!"
by j u lie July 17, 2006
Between blackout drunk and needing to go to the hospital.
To be so intoxicated that the person looking after you gives you bread to sober up.

Breaded (prank):
To place a slice of bread and trash can next to someone sleeping (drunk or not) and take a picture.
Bro, I'm going to get breaded tonight.
by Cof Cub February 23, 2013
To be like a loaf of bread. Breaded. BAKED.
Sam smoked so many joints today, he was breaded, like a loaf of bread.
by MewWuzH33r August 29, 2009
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