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Having a lot of money with disregard on how it was accumulated.

Sucessfull with earning money keeping it and falunting it all at the same time. Could be a hustler, or a smart person, or they could have worked for it.
"That nigga Kwan is breaded then a mofo!"

"Did you see that niggas watch, i think it was a jacob that shit was worth at least 20K, that nigga is breaded!!"

"WHOOOOOOWEYY you see them 24's right THURR on that ESCALADE?! That nigga drivin must be BREADED!!"
by j u lie July 17, 2006
22 8
Between blackout drunk and needing to go to the hospital.
To be so intoxicated that the person looking after you gives you bread to sober up.

Breaded (prank):
To place a slice of bread and trash can next to someone sleeping (drunk or not) and take a picture.
Bro, I'm going to get breaded tonight.
by Cof Cub February 23, 2013
9 2
To be like a loaf of bread. Breaded. BAKED.
Sam smoked so many joints today, he was breaded, like a loaf of bread.
by -[Source Code Mew]- August 29, 2009
5 14