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12 definitions by Raymond

name given to Boise State University's blue colored footbal turf.
some teams use the smurf turf as an excuse to rationalize their poor performance.
by Raymond October 06, 2004
Any refrence to a gun
Homeboi just copped dem new hammers

i clap da hammers
by raymond April 17, 2004
Totally screwed up!
His face was a complete mess! It was totally fucked up!
by raymond October 20, 2003
Probably one of the best rappers of all time. Notorious for his slow-worded, calm style rapping. Went back to God on April of 1999, formed his own ministry, S.A.N.E. (Saving a Nation Endangered). Came back to the game as of 2004 and set to release his third album "Welcome Back" on August 24, 2004.
Hes a rapper. Hes a minister.
by Raymond August 12, 2004
The typical owner of a Stedman's V&S store. Usually mumbles and pressures you into buying cheap and unwanted shitty products. Has unsightly hair loss problem and thick plastic glasses. His best friend/lover is Raymond, the guy that works the front end of Beckers. Resides in the town of Southampton, Ontario.
Hey, ya want some stickers? we got some new choca bars, some new CD's, we got that Britney Spears, ah yayaya, we got some board games u kno, some wal mart clothes."
by Raymond February 03, 2004
See: "Fall on the grenade."
Take one for the team so we can fuck these other chicks!
by Raymond September 09, 2003
A toothpick spliff is a smaller than usual joint in circumference not in length.
I didnt have much pot left so all my joints are Toothpick Spliffs
by Raymond February 27, 2005