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The bottom feeder of society. Often retarded looking and terrible at life. The most distinct attribute of a smurd is extreme shystyness
Jay: YO Caleb buy me cigarettes with ur fake i.d. Heres the money.

Caleb: here owe me a quarter...and lemme get a square.


Caleb: Fwwhat are u talkin about dawde?
by JayGood June 14, 2007
The combination of smelly, and turd.

1-Is screamed by your mates when finding a rancid, stinking toilet.

2-Is also often screamed at you through the door when you're taking too long, in anticipation of said smelly turn you are probably doing.
(door closes)....... SMURD!!!!!
by horacio bogton August 12, 2008
Thee midginess load left in ones hair, after blowing a little person.
"Oh my god Becky, i wont ever date a midget again. It took me two hours to get that smurd out of my hair".
by Pappa Smurf October 23, 2006
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