A game like tag.

The rules are:
1. Any number of people can play
2. The game can be played either every day or hour.
3. To smoot is to touch other person and say "smoot"

4. Once smooted you are not out of the game

but you cannot smoot a person who has smooted you
until the next day or hour.
5. The game goes on forever and never ends.
6. In case of a tie both players must wait 5 min before they can
smoot each other again.
Guy 1: hey man high five!
(hands make contact)
Guy 1: smoot!
by Ignigknokt June 29, 2009
Top Definition
A midwestern American term describing a tight and usually clean shaven vagina. It the widely considered to be the highest quality of vagina, and is rarely found on any females with the exception of young college girls from the suburbs
I went to Purdue for the weekend and found some serious smoot, damn that was good smoot. smooty smooty smoot smoot. mm mm.
by Luis V September 29, 2005
A unit of distance first used for measuring the Harvard Bridge. It is named after an MIT fraternity pledge at Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Oliver R. Smoot (class of 1962), who in October, 1958 was rolled head over heels by his fraternity brothers to measure the length of the bridge. The smoot is equal to his height: 5'7" (1.70 m).
Harvard Bridge is 364.4 Smoots and one
by TexasDex February 24, 2005
The wetness that you get on your finger when you scratch your ass crack. Smoot smells foul and it comes in handy when giving someone a dirty Sanchez.
My back sweat rolls down in my crack, creating smoot.
by Chazbanx March 03, 2014
79% of the earth is covered by water
the rest is covered by smoot
by mike December 05, 2004

1) An adjective referring to a "Shit-bag." A term referencing a piece of shit.
2) An adjective referring to a Blue Falcon or a Buddy Fucker."

3) An adverb referring to a lie, or the concept of lying.
"That guy just smoots about everything."

"You swapped my rounds with blanks before a mission you fucking SMOOT!"
"You slept with my wife you SMOOT!"
by J-Greg February 03, 2013

another word for smooches when writing in chat
it's usually written $m00tz
the $ is for the worth of spending time smooting
extra $$$$$$$ b4 teh m00tz means more luv
k3wl anythingz possible

-ttyl8tr smoots<3<3<3

-ttyl8tr $$$$m00tz<3<3<3
by $m00x0r June 11, 2010
mixture of fog and soot.
dude, look at that smoot!
by bananayana August 11, 2010

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