A game like tag.

The rules are:
1. Any number of people can play
2. The game can be played either every day or hour.
3. To smoot is to touch other person and say "smoot"

4. Once smooted you are not out of the game

but you cannot smoot a person who has smooted you
until the next day or hour.
5. The game goes on forever and never ends.
6. In case of a tie both players must wait 5 min before they can
smoot each other again.
Guy 1: hey man high five!
(hands make contact)
Guy 1: smoot!
by Ignigknokt June 29, 2009
One who drinks too much, and works in classless places, too lazy to make well of themselves, but just settles for what they think pays. Not faithfull, is paranoid about the many lies they tell, and is way too hot tempered. crappy relationship material.
You know Smelly Smoot?
by Mrqdsde March 14, 2010
semen, cum that is created while on a boat

named after minnisota cornerback fred smoot who is known not for his football skills but for his ability to cover a boat in semen
I hit the bith in the eye with some smoot while riding around the bay

Be carefull where you shoot that smoot.

by The A Team of the Food Bank February 25, 2006
Much of these definitions may be true but one version of the word Smoot originated from a silly deviation from the word 'SMUT' which is created by replacing the 'U' with a double 'O' for use in chatrooms where the word 'smut' or 'porn' is not appropriate.
"It's pretty hard to surf the web when your bandwidth is being used for downloading smoot torrents."

"My hard drive is getting pretty full, so I guess I better burn some of these smoot videos to DVD lol!"

by Alfoo December 15, 2007
v., to (usually) vaginally penetrate two women at the same time with a double-ended dildo. Named for NFL player Fred Smoot, who performed the procedure on two strippers during the Minnesota Vikings "love boat" scandal.
Yo man, you should have come to Trevor's bachelor party. Julian totally smooted these two fine strippers.
by Fred Smoot fan March 24, 2007
n. - A vaginal dingleberry. In medicine, a feces particle coming to rest in or around the labia which may or may not be accompanied by a stray pubic hair.

When in conjunction with a ninja boot, a smoot may also represent a master, or sensei, who emerges from the "dojo" to battle the boot

Alternate Definitions - camel toe crap cap, a ninjaboot shit-crown, a pussy poop garnish, a furry feces foe.
1. That bitch must wipe from back to front, because I've got a smoot stuck in my teeth.

2. Nice ninja-boot smoot!

3. That furburger is delicious! Do I detect a hint of smoot?

4. Bitch, you a small cunt hair away from getting the smoot kicked out of you!
by ABBC September 12, 2006
noun: the residue left in the toilet after a person takes a dookie.
"Jake, were you the last one in the bathroom?"

"No, why?"
"Cuz there's smoot on the toilet seat and you always have bad aim when you take a doo-doo.
by H-tine Ridah February 03, 2010
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