The fluid a Smurf produces when he achieves orgasm
Man, that Smurfette is so fine, I think I'm gonna smoof in my little white pants!
by kid chameleon October 15, 2003
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1)A person or things overall coolness, as created by DJ and Leah.
2)A random term used to say something but you dont know what to say.
"Aw man that rocket is TOTALLY smoof!"
by Warlockguitar24 June 17, 2005
1) A fictional substance, mentioned in Fairly Odd Parents; purportedly the "greatest substance in the world". Capable of entrapping genies, especially Norm.

See also unobtainium.

2) An expletive from the same show, presumably referring to the material.
"There's three things I can't escape from: magic lamps, the charms of Barbara Eden, and smoof!" -Norm the genie

"Oh, smoof." -Timmy Turner
by Makani May 14, 2006
It's like dope, but better.
"Damn that nigga so smoof, he probably gets all the bitches."
by Mus 1Dollar February 22, 2013
The act of pushing two peoples cheeks together so hard that they are squished together.
Come here baby, lets smoof!
by Mariam Bee July 10, 2008
The most amazing material known in existence, that the man doesnt want you to know about. It is also one of only 3 materials that are genie proof.
the man doesnt want you to know about smoof.
by WHYsuchHate April 10, 2006
Smoof is a describing word. It is for people who do not attend university.
Paul is a Smoof. Cameron and the smoof went to the Store
by kilakan February 17, 2010

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