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Smoof is a describing word. It is for people who do not attend university.
Paul is a Smoof. Cameron and the smoof went to the Store
by kilakan February 17, 2010
4 20
An action made between close friends where one person, the smoofer, runs towards the other person, the smoofee, and glomps (tackle-hugs) them. The smoofer then proceeds to cuddle and kiss the smoofee. It's great fun. =D
Kara runs up to John and puts his arms around him before kissing him, a true smoof!
by Reid March 28, 2004
13 29
some random word i typed into a google search because i was bored
i'm crazy, look at me: "smoof! smoof! bulawaga!"
by Splad July 11, 2003
8 26
extremely Good Looking or really really really awesome or both basically
Sergdoes not equal smoof
by I wonder who.......... December 14, 2007
6 25
The substance which is used to fill balloons that makes them stick to the ceiling.
How are those balloons sticking to the ceiling? They are filled with Smoof
by DJ:BOTA September 02, 2006
5 24
rewrite of smooth
smoof operator
by thomas January 23, 2004
12 32
1. n. dog nose juice, esp. on clean pants or car window

2. v. to transfer fluid from a dog's nose onto something or someone
"what the fuck brutus!? i just put on these pants and you went and smoofed them!"
by liberate cannabis March 17, 2005
3 24