An Iron or device used to get the wrinkles out of your clothes
Bitch hit me upside the head with a smoof!
I smoofed my shirt.
by Tbag21 March 22, 2007
An action made between close friends where one person, the smoofer, runs towards the other person, the smoofee, and glomps (tackle-hugs) them. The smoofer then proceeds to cuddle and kiss the smoofee. It's great fun. =D
Kara runs up to John and puts his arms around him before kissing him, a true smoof!
by Reid March 28, 2004
rewrite of smooth
smoof operator
by thomas January 23, 2004
some random word i typed into a google search because i was bored
i'm crazy, look at me: "smoof! smoof! bulawaga!"
by Splad July 11, 2003
extremely Good Looking or really really really awesome or both basically
Sergdoes not equal smoof
by I wonder who.......... December 14, 2007
The substance which is used to fill balloons that makes them stick to the ceiling.
How are those balloons sticking to the ceiling? They are filled with Smoof
by DJ:BOTA September 02, 2006
1. n. dog nose juice, esp. on clean pants or car window

2. v. to transfer fluid from a dog's nose onto something or someone
"what the fuck brutus!? i just put on these pants and you went and smoofed them!"
by liberate cannabis March 17, 2005

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