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a lover, best friend, someone who you smooch with. babycakes.
a funky chicken booface.
i love my smoochie(s)
by kurutemanko May 23, 2005
a nickname for a girl that gives out lots of smooches.
Man, the smooches I get from my smoochie are out of this world!
by crono3 May 02, 2005
Noun: An obese, insecure, and somewhat neurotic female person; between the ages of 15 and 40 (some what like fat groupies). They are often found wearing too tight and/or loud clothing. Smoochies congragate in bars, clubs, and after hours restaurants. Beware of a smoochie wearing vertical stripes.
"Get a load of that smoochie!", "That smoochie won't stop following me", "Oh my lord that smoochie's belly is coming through her clothes."
by Ronnie (the smoochie luv-a) September 02, 2004

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