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kisses; love; a fun word i like to say
I g2g c ya tomarow smoochies
by MK July 08, 2003
a sweet and loveable grl
you'r such a smoochy
by jennnnifer July 17, 2005
someone who is really cute and squishy and you just want to moosh them all up
lokie is so smoochy!
by surfrat69 September 20, 2010
A word used to describe someone who is annoyingly persistent in trying to get their view/opinion/point across.

The term derives from an episode of, 'The Young Apprentice.' (A British TV show.)The task was to create a popcorn brand. One of the candidates, Harry M persistently (throughout the episode) attempted to make the team choose his idea, a popcorn called 'Smoochies'. This was in spite of the fact that the rest of his team disliked the idea and had in fact chosen a different theme and flavour.
Person 1: Do you support the X party
Person 2: No I support the Y party
Person 1: Continuously tries to convince person 2 to support the views of X despite the fact he holds a contrary view and eventually leaves.
Person 2: That guy is a a right Smoochies!
by Tobiasfunky March 15, 2014
sweet, kind, loveable greek person that likes to scratch other people's back without complaining. From time to time they like to make some sort of scandals, raise their fingers and point and shout but they learn how to behave with time...
a kind smoochy
by Gio-1234 February 03, 2009
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