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4 definitions by HeavyKitty

The act of kissing. Implying a playful and sometimes wet kiss, although it's usually without tongue.

Given by married couples to each other in the morning, before they leave for work.
I gave my hubby a smooch and we went to work.
by HeavyKitty January 28, 2011
When you replace breakfast with two cups of coffee, and then have the shits an hour later.

Coffee shits are usually ungodly smelling, hurt like crazy, have the consistency of oatmeal, and leave you feeling horrible and very hungry.
You're so gonna get coffee shits later.
by HeavyKitty November 30, 2010
Screechy, 10-to-13-year-olds who think they are cool, but are largely immature and obnoxious. They wear tacky clothing a la walmart, hail from the suburbs, listen to trashy pop-music, and watch mainstream television (mainly Disney Channel and Teen Nick)

More advanced teenyboppers have fancy cellphones, carry cigarettes they stole from their mom -but never smoke them because they're pussies, and try to look cool by swearing in every sentence.

Generally try to act way cooler and older than they are, but don't realize that they are chubby little failures.

Teenyboppers most often grow up to be ugly, useless white-trash.
12-year-old: i love eminem so fucking much. did u get that shirt at ambercrombie? thats so cool we should like hang out

16-year-old: Friggin' teenybopper.
by HeavyKitty January 09, 2011
Pronounced: Aw-eh-!!
Auei! is an interjection. It can be used in any moment of surprise, excitement, or just general interest. It can be used in both negative and positive situations.
Must be followed by a phrase that further clarifies your feelings towards the situation.

If you're using it while talking to someone in person, you can make the appropriate motion while exclaiming it. To do this; throw your arms into the air, keeping them stiff and straight, with palms facing upwards. Kind of like making the Y in the Y-M-C-A dance.
Boy: Do you want to go out for coffee?
Girl: Auei! Yes I would love to!

Teacher: You got an D on the math test.
Student: Auei! That sucks!
by HeavyKitty December 06, 2010